Great Lakes Industrial Knife manufactures Slitter Knives for every paper converting operation and for all machine makes and models including Arrow, Arpeco, Cameron, Dusenbery, Goebel, Harris, Stahl & Tidland. All of our Slitter Knives are precision manufactured to extremely close tolerances to produce razor sharp edges. Dust free edge technology.

If you are only looking for your blanks to be precision ground, California Knife and Blade turns your blanks into the highest quality cutting knives within just days. We take pride in our capabilities to grind and sharpen industrial slitting and shearing knives and medical blades.For over four decades, California Knife and Blade manufactures, grinds and sharpens highly …

VALSIDER supplies various products for Corrugated Paper Board industry such as razor slitting blades, grinding stones, chopper knives (cut-off knives) and PTFE anvils. Our razor slitting blades are available in tungsten carbide, steel and powered steel. Grinding stones are available in both versions - CBN and Diamond.

Cut-to-Length Knives Circular Products Circular products such as rotary slitter knives, strippers, spacers, etc., are used in slitting lines for cutting and slitting the greatest variety of materials. Dimensions, materials, hardness and rubber coating all depend on the material to be cut.

All of our slitters and perforating blades are made exactly from OEM specifications. L.A. Grinding offers these slitting blades in either regular carbon steel or high speed steel, which will prolong the lifetime of the slitter blade. • Slitting Knives by Baumfolder • Slitting Knives by MBO • Slitting Knives by Shoei Star

Sharpening. LA Grinding is also a premier source for industry grade professional sharpening services. We have the product knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment necessary to resharpen your knives to the original manufacturer's specifications. Thousands of and binding companies rely on us for all of their knife sharpening requirements.

Our blades are configured for several applications, including: Cutting — Process lots of materials with our knives, from steel to food. Our straight blades can also process items like film and foil. We design and manufacture other knives approved for cutting applications, including guillotine, band and circular, as well.Like our straight knives, these blades can be configured to meet …

Our slitter knives are manufactured using state of the art materials and the latest technology and production techniques. We start with the highest quality European forged material, vacuum harden and triple temper to Rockwell held to ±1, then finish with lapping and polishing to produce the finest metal slitter knives.

We've been perfecting knife sharpening and knife grinding services since 1917, so we provide expert knife sharpening and knife grinding by knowledgeable and well trained personnel through all five service centers. Guaranteed Quality. We take knife sharpening very seriously. Therefore, exact tolerances to OEM specifications are always achieved ...

Products/Services for Slitter Knife Grinding Machines. Grinders and Grinding Machines - (987 companies) Grinders and grinding machines use an abrasive that is bonded to a wheel, belt or disc to remove material and improve surface finish. Devices can be pneumatically driven or powered by a combustion engine or electric motor.

SHEETER KNIVES. Made with American Iron & Steel Institute certified steel, Valley Grinding sheeter knives feature solid blades to allow maximum blade usage and eliminate possible injury caused by inlay separation. To meet various paper sheeting requirements, we can tailor knife angles and materials to provide the cleanest cuts and longest run-time.

Circular slitting saws in M2 high speed steel (5% molybdenum content) suitable for cutting-off steels and alloys with hardness between 500 N/mm² and 800 N/mm². The slitting saw blades are used on manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic sawing machines to cut tubes and pipes, open sections and solid sections up to 200 mm.

We also make Stainless Steel Circular Slitters, Slitter Knives, Scraper Blades, Curling Scraper Blades, Circular Knives, Linear Tracks, Cane Knives, Mill Blades, Scrap Blades, and field pole keys, rotor keys, coil keys, generator wedges, coil pole keys, pole wedges and Robot Guide Ways. Also visit Precision Grinding.

Co-Max Machinery Tools Ltd. is Professionally Supplying Various Cutting Tools & Grinding Tools, including Cutter Blade, Cutting Knives in Tungsten Carbide & High Speed Steel; Grinding Tools includes CBN & Diamond Grinding Wheels, Grinding Disc & Abrasive Stones etc.

The corrugated knife includes slitter blade, slotter blade, crosscut blade with inserted M2 high speed steel, copper conduction paper cutter, thin blade, single-edged blade, toothed cutter, etc. We can provide various types of carton paper slitter blades, triple, quadruple slotter blades, as well as thin blades suitable for production lines, etc.

the grind angle or cross-sectional "profile" of the slitting blades. All slitting blades must have sharp edges, but profiles can vary widely and still meet the criteria for "sharp" blades. Cant Angle The cant angle (shear angle) assures a closed nip. Like a pair of scissors, the blades must be in contact at the nip or "cut Point" in ...

For grinding meat slicer and poultry blades, paper and pulp, tape and carboard slitters and crushers, core cutters, rotary sheers, metal working blades, and paper converting knives MVM LA 500 or LA 700 Automatic Rotary Surface Grinder and Circular and Slitter Knife Sharpener Universal surface grinder with vertical spindle and rotating chuck.

Saw Grinding Metal Slitter Grinding Put our decades of knife sharpening and knife grinding experience to work for your business. By using Jorson & Carlson, you will receive the highest quality of precision knife sharpening services in the country. Jorson & Carlson also stocks the largest inventory of knives and bindery supplies.

Make Federal Knife your first choice for replacement knives, slitter blades and sharpening services. Slitter blades are offered in several grades of tool steel: FKI All-Cut High Standard Tool Steel. Our high standard carbon grade utilizes special heat treating to ensure a good microstructure and balance of hardness and shock resistance.

Automatic Knife Grinding Machine Knife Grinding Length is 2000mm OP-2000 is specially designed to grind the planer knives up to 2000 mm length for wood, metal and paper industries. It is constructed by linear rail-block system for high efficiency and long life. Knives mounted on plate could be rotated 0 to 90 degrees. As an option, it could be produced with mechanic plate …

For grinding meat slicer and poultry blades, paper and pulp, tape and carboard slitters and crushers, core cutters, rotary sheers, metal working blades, and paper converting knives MVM LA 500 or LA 700 Automatic Rotary Surface Grinder and Circular and Slitter Knife Sharpener

Shimless Slitter Tooling Packages. Whether you have purchased a new a or used slitter line, we can offer the highest-quality slitter knives, spacers, separator discs, rubber stripper rings and overarm spacers. Our tooling packages are of the highest quality meeting your exacting measurements, offering competitive delivery and pricing.

About Japanese SK Steel - Carbon Steel Sharpness ★★★☆☆ (3/5) Hardness/durability ★★☆☆☆ (2/5) Edge retention ★★☆☆☆ (2/5) Ease of sharpening ★★★☆☆ (3/5) Rust resistance ★★☆☆☆ (2/5) Steel used for general industrial tools. It is often used for knives with economical choices but has better sharpness than stainless knives

CBN/Boron Grinding Wheels to Sharp Hardened Steel of CNC Tools, Cutters. Diamond Electroplated Wheel-Brake Pad. Diamond Electroplated Grinding Wheels for sharpening Brake Pad. View More Products APPLICATIONS & INDUSTRIES. Corrugated Board Process . Razor Slitter Knife and Grinding Stones Serving for Slitter Scorer and Slotter machine ...

3. Thin Cutter Blades and Knives in Chrome Steel and Alloy Steel etc. >>> The Thin Cutter Blades and Knives esp. used in the field of Corrugated. Adopted in the Corrugator line, used for the machine of Slitter Scorer, either on the Rotary Round Knives, or …

China Industrial Slitting Machine Parts Carbide Slitting Knife, Find details about China Carbide Slitting Knife, Knife Cutter Paper from Industrial Slitting Machine Parts Carbide Slitting Knife - Kunshan Hexin Precise Machinery Co., Ltd.

First choice for all machine knives, grinding wheels & other parts ... CORRFLEXO offers three different qualities for the razor slitting blades used on any slitter scorer: 1- High Speed Steel (HSS M2) 2- Super Cobalt High Speed Steel . 3- Treated Tungsten Carbide.

In addition to slitter blades, L.A. Grinding sells all types of industrial knives and offers complete knife sharpening services for customers in California, Arizona and Nevada. LA Grinding will sharpen your slitter knives, reconditioning perforated blades to their original density, so your slitting knives can continue to function with a high ...

Hydraulically Expanded Hub Cutters/Knife Holders. Machine Concepts designs and manufactures a full line of hydraulically expanded, self-clamping slitter and side trimmer hub cutters/knife holders. These hubs are high precision, have excellent holding power, are easy to use, and are ideal for quick tooling setups or changes.

We manufacture this bottom slitter blade using 52100 high-carbon tool steel. This means the blade will hold its edge well, is easy to sharpen, and is able to withstand tough conditions. When combined with an Arpeco top slitter blade, both blades work together to enhance the slitting performance and mitigate issues caused by dust.